What are Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 links in SEO link-building?


Sep 4, 2020
New York, USA
Tier 1: Links to your site

Tier 2: Links to the pages containing your tier 1 links

Tier 3: Links to the pages containing your tier 2 links

Simple enough concept, but the real question is why.

Because all links are not created equal. If Google simply counted your links, it would be easy enough to programmatically create thousands or even millions of links directly to your site.

So Google uses the concept of Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA).

That authority is based on several factors, but mostly it's based on the authority of the pages that are linking to it.

So if you want to increase the value of your Tier 1 links, you need to increase their authority, which you do by creating Tier 2 links, and so on.

Of course, it can still be done programmatically..

But it's just not quite as simple, and it's harder to create a link pattern that Google can't detect.

There are some very powerful tools available, but it still takes a lot of knowledge to use them without screwing things up.

To go into detail…

Tier 1: Build a repository of spun articles, which are published on web 2.0 sites like Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress, with a link back to your money site.

Quality of content is High.

Tier 2: Use automated link building programs to create links to Tier 1 properties. Links will include, web 2.0, bookmarks, forum posts etc.

Quality of content is low.

Tier Nth: Tiers under 2 and beyond will repeat the same content and link build strategy as tier 2. Quality of content is low, but quantity is very high.

How effective is tiered link-building?

Tiered link building is one of the most effective methods of link building at the moment. There are various techniques in Tier-1 that helps in generating quality backlinks:

Helping the page get indexed.

Helping the page get created in one place.

Improving the Tier-1 site.

Bridging the relevant gap.

Should you do it? Hmm…

It’s a shady area of SEO but here is what it involves.

This is a fabled backlinking strategy- still works in some niches where Google hasn’t gotten smart enough.

But I’d like to warn you: It’s not worth working on if it isn’t long term.

You set up multiple sites to link to your main site.

Then you mass build links to the multiple sites you set up.

For each level of this pyramid you build links to the sites in the previous level thus boosting up the value of the sites as you go up.

We recommend that you stay away from Tiered link-building because you site can get de-indexed or penalised from Google.

Does link-building still work in SEO?

Yes, it does. And it will always do.

Link Building: Link Building is an approach to build inbound links (or backlinks) from external websites to your Website.

It’s always important to build high-quality links, which is considered tough these days.

Links from high authoritative websites like HuffingtonPost, Wall Street Journal & Daily Mail not only helps your website to rank in SERP (Search Engines Results Pages), but also getting traffic to your website.

How to build high-quality links?

Write Compelling Contents that gets links naturally, likes, shares & comments through Social Signals.

Share the content through Press Release distribution, Guest Posting, Articles Directories, Social Sites.

Ask Website Owners with Broken Links to fix it & link back to your site for relevant pages.

Participate in Forums, Q&A’s sites, News sites commenting with relevant information from your Website & link back to your site. It’s not for gaining links as these may be nofollow links which won’t pass link juice to your site.

But you are known among the others relevant to your niche topics & your website gets traffic, may be some of the readers own high-quality sites & link back to your site.

Note: Never Buy Backlinks

Backlinks from scammy and dubious websites that search engines and most importantly Google see as low quality can, and will ultimately,l get your site penalized

Please don’t go to Fivver or freelancer to get someone for 5 bucks, unless you really want trouble for your website in the long-term.

Set a Backlink Goal & KPI

Backlinks won’t just happen magically by themselves.

It’s something you need to be putting work and effort into building over time. It’s a long-term strategy but an important one at that.

The best way to approach the process is to give yourself some goals to work towards. When you first start out, setting quarterly goals probably will work best.